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In 1950, Patsy, a UK Laurent Giles design, was built at Muir’s Boatyard for Charles Cooper, one of the early instigators of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, and a member of the Cruising  Yacht Club, Sydney.

She was built of Huon pine planking over hardwood ribs and backbone with a laid teak deck and originally an oregon mast which has since been replaced by aluminium.


Patsy is 46 feet long, with a beam of 10 feet six inches and draws 7 feet six inches.


Charles Cooper, Jock and two of his shipwright apprentices, Bill Foster and Adrian Dean and the late Ted Domeney, former owner of the famous Max Creese-built eight metre yacht, Erica J, were all in the delivery trip to Sydney.


As it turned out, Patsy was owned by Jock again twenty years later and became one of the better known boats of all the yachts he owned.


In 1970, Jock and his eldest son John, were on board Patsy with owner Russell Duffield, for a very windy Sydney to Hobart during which 14 yachts retired. Jock had accepted Patsy as part payment from Russell on a new 48-footer (partly completed), Trevassa, which he had built on spec.

"I sailed Patsy for about three years in Hobart and she did very well in club pennants. She was also in a Bruny Island race when the weather came in very hard and we were the only ones to get around –I was very proud of that. Really, the first boat to push Patsy aside in performance was Hedley Calvert's Huon Chief."


For the period of time Jock owned Patsy, she was crewed by mainly sharpie boys and family.


In 1971, Patsy was in the Southern Cross team which was outclassed in the event by New Zealand. Because she was in the team it precluded her from an age allowance for the Sydney-Hobart resulting in her 43rd placing in a fleet of 76.

Also in this year [1972] she competed in the inaugural Melbourne to Hobart race, then known as the West Coaster, in which she finished a credible second over the line. She was also very prominent in harbour racing until 1974 when she was sold to Gordon Beattie, of Hobart who says she will not be offered for sale whilst he can continue to use her.


Patsy is currently owned by Jeff McIntosh of Sydney.


46' Cutter


Battery Point



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