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Trevassa started life as a spec-build but partway through construction, Russell Duffield, who had previously bought Jock Muir's Patsy, decided he wanted to buy her.

She enjoyed a very eventful delivery trip to Sydney in July 1971, when a rogue wave capsized her just south of Eden NSW, the crew narrowly avoiding disaster. In true testament to Jock's seaworthy designs, the boat righted herself again, mast and sails intact and crew in one piece save for a nicked nose from a flying kitchen knife. 

Russell, of FR Duffield Manufacturing in Sydney, owned Trevassa from when she was launched in 1971 to 2012. It was his wish that she eventually be returned to the Muir family, and after his death in 2012 she was purchased by John, Greg and Ross Muir and is now moored at the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. 

The Muir family spend many happy times with family and friends onboard Trevassa sailing around Tasmania's beautiful south-east.


Battery Point



48' Cutter


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