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On Friday 9th September 2016, the Muir family organised a 'revival' at Muir's Boatyard to signify the beginning of a new chapter.

Since decline in the boat building industry in Tasmania, many of the historical slipways and boatbuilding facilities have fallen into disrepair or, in the case of Muir's Boatyard, become repurposed.

For the last decade the boatyard has been home to smaller engineering workshops, metal smiths and other small businesses or sole traders.

The boatyard has recently undergone an update with many of the current tenants, such as Doyle and Boat Sales Tasmania, opting to radically modify existing buildings on site to better suit their needs.

The revival brought together the original 1980s staff from the sail loft business at Muir's Boatyard, at the time owned by Jock, John and Ross Muir, and later purchased by Mike Grainger.

Some original Muir’s Boatyard sail loft staff in 2016, at the boatyard’s revival party. From left: David Rees, Edward Fader, John Muir, Greg Muir (back), Lyn Denehey (née Muir, front), Nick Dineen, Brian Moroney, Richard Goodfellow, Michael Cooper, Michael Grainger.



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